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Welp, we bought the Blu-Ray and I finally saw the latest Star Trek film. And... Uh... I don't get it, guys. That was awesome. Why is there so much hate among fans for this movie? (Spoilers to follow)

I really don't get it. Yeah, it's not the best Star Trek movie, Wrath of Khan is a tough act to beat, but it's probably in my top five. And seriously, worse than The Final Frontier? Than The Motion Picture? Than Insurrection, for crying out loud?

I've heard people complain about the fanservice in the film, and I don't get that either. Yeah, there's a bunch of it, but 90% of it is totally unobtrusive (the Tribble, for example), and the rest is actually remarkably well done (the Spock death scene with the roles reversed).


Benedict Cumberbatch did an excellent job as Kahn. The Kahn reveal itself was extremely well handled, even though I knew in advance that it was coming. The NuEnterprise crew was just as great in this movie as they were in the last.

So, I'm honestly really curious to hear opinions of why fans thought this movie failed. I consider myself a Star Trek fan, and just like with the 2009 film, I thought this did a great job of being accessible to newcomers, and also being a fine Star Trek film.

Edit: Oh yeah, and it's hilarious that the Starfleet Admiral turns out to be a bad guy (who could have predicted such a thing?!), and that his ship might as well have an "I AM EVIL, LOOK AT HOW EVIL I AM" bumper sticker on it.

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