MMO game Star Trek Online released a video today announcing a new expansion “Agents of Yesterday” allowing players to create a Captain in the Original Series timeline as a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek series.

From the email I received:

For the first time, players will be able to create a new character and defend the Federation as a Starfleet captain from the time of the Original Series! Fight alongside members of the classic Enterprise crew, including Chekov and Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, as you explore strange new worlds throughout the history of Star Trek.

A variety of new ships from The Original Series era arrive in this expansion as well. Fly through time and space using iconic ships such as the legendary Constitution-class Starship and the Daedalus Science Vessel.

Captains will boldly go where only one classic crew has gone before in Summer 2016.


The main STO setting is the prime universe several years after the events in the first NuTrek movie - the Romulan homeworld has been destroyed and Ambassador Spock is missing, presumed dead - but players have visited the the original era during some of the scripted content (it wouldn’t be Star Trek without some time travel shenanigans at some point).

I haven’t played STO in a while but it’s still installed on my computer. I did the lifetime subscriber deal a few years ago so I can jump back in with all the subscriber perks without having to cough up any cash.

After all, the spirit of the original Star Trek series was resolving conflict through the application of overwhelming firepower so what better way to honor the show?