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STAR TREK Reboot Part 2: How deeply Into Darkness do I want to go?

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At my local megaplex (the best one between Burbank and Fresno), they're offering the New Trek doozy: watch both NewTrek 1 & 2 (1 is at 9:15pm, 2 is the midnight premier), or catch the early "fan sneak" of the film at 8:15pm... in 3D + IMAX and maybe a little Smellovision if you're lucky (I said it was the best theater between Burbank and Fresno).

I'm in a serious waffledebate about going to either. I genuinely enjoyed parts of New Trek: The Trekkening, but cotdammit it is not my Trek. I need to decide if I am going pretty soon. Otherwise, I wait til this thing is at the $1 movie.


I included a pic from "Gamesters of Triskelion", because it is the worst episode of TOS. But it is still my Star Trek.

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