Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Star Trek:Renegades new clip posted!

Fresh on the heels of the awesome Star Trek:Axanar post from yesterday, another indie Trek project is progressing nicely. I've posted about this project previously, but today the ST: Renegades people posted a new clip. Here it is!

The official website is here: http://startrekrenegades.com/

The project stars Trek alumni Walter Koenig as 140-year-old Admiral Chekov, Tim Russ reprising his role as Tuvok (and also directing it!), Robert Picardo returns as Dr. Lewis Zimmerman (the creator of the EMH), and as Admiral Paris (possibly in flashback?) with Manu Intiraymi returning to the role of liberated Borg drone Icheb. Gary Graham returns to the Trek universe but in a non-Vulcan role this time.


The project will also welcome Adrienne Wilkenson (a genre actress who played Zena' daughter in the later seasons of Xena Warrior Princess) as Lexxa Singh, Corin Memmec as a Starfleet captain, and Edward Furlong, Grant Imahara (yep, from Mythbusters, as well as indie trek series Star Trek Continues), Sean Young, Vic Mignogna (creator of Star Trek Continues and also the one who has taken on the role of Kirk). Below is another clip from the project, and you can go to the website to see trailers.

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