It's a little rough around the edges (mainly in the editing), but they are working on it as Kickstarter funds allow.

Still, I'm pretty impressed with what they've done so far, though somebody has to tell the editor to change that transforming logo and to not go into the 'BRAMMMMM" audio territory (lord, I'm sick of that audio cue!)

From what I can tell, these new aliens blame the Federation for opening a 'portal' in their home solar system? Additionally, the Federation may have done so for corrupt/diabolical reasons, and as such 140+ year old Admiral Chekov is going behind-the-scenes to find out what's up and using Commander Tuvok to do the covert dirty work (is Tuvok still a commander at this point? I guess we'll find out...) with a diverse band of rogues. Shiny! (oops, wrong franchise...)

We get to delve into the 'leftovers' of all the Eugenics plot lines from Enterprise, ST: TOS, ST II:TWOK, ST:DS9, and elsewhere as well: I kind of wondered what would happen to someone descended from the supermen of the Eugenics Wars and how they would adapt to be a 'diluted' version of that genetic experiment.

I know y'all have strong opinions about this (both for and against it) so... have at thee!!