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Star Trek: Renegades update!

For those of you still interested in the indie-funded, Tim Russ (aka Tuvok) starring and directed outing, here's a clip.

Note the actress playing Lexxa Singh (a somewhat diluted later generation of the Eugenics superhumans, and descended from Khan himself, which is pointed out nicely in the clip as an insult) is also the actress who played Xena's daughter Eve in Xena:Warrior Princess. Adrienne Wilkenson is pretty bad-ass in the clip, I think. The pacing of this scene trumps the lack of pacing in the original trailer released a few months back, which makes me feel a lot better about this.


I rather enjoyed the clip, though the shaky cam work (done on purpose) was a little annoying. Also, Tim Russ stepped back into the Tuvok role as if he never left, and the Cardassian was shades of Garak-meets-Dukat, which was pretty spot-on. Also, male Orions!

The cast also includes a few other vets of the Trek-verse returning, including Walter Koenig as an aged (though surprisingly spry) 140 year old Admiral Chekov, Robert Picardo as Dr. Lewis Zimmerman (the creator of the EMH holograms), Richard Herd as Admiral Paris (SPOILER: this sort of negates the EU books as canon now, I guess, if you know what fate awaits the Admiral), Manu Intiraymi returns at rescued-Borg Icheb, and even Grant Imahara takes a break from being a version of Sulu in another indie Trek web-only series (as well as all his work with Mythbusters, etc)to take on a supporting role in this feature.

Here's the full cast: http://startrekrenegades.com/home/cast/

OK, I get it: not everybody is thrilled with this concept. I ask that if you're not hip, don't troll this post with negative comments. But for those who think this might be a fun indie film, I welcome your comments.


And to finish up, a test flyby of the CGI version of a Klingon battle-cruiser, which looks pretty nice as well:

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