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Star Trek Web Comic Boldly Goes Where Trek Traditionally Hasn't

Posting on a semi-regular schedule for a little over a year, a new Star Trek comic has been trying to right some of the social wrongs of modern (and classic) Trek. Based on scripts for an unaired animated series, the comic is an anthology that traces the adventures of different Star Fleet crews and civilians during multiple Trek eras.

The first serial features the crew of the USS Stalwart at the end of the Earth/Romulan war. One commenter on the site called it "what Enterprise should have been". What's most unique about it is the captain is an openly gay man, something no character has yet to identify as in any Trek medium, TV, movie, or otherwise. What's especially refreshing is that his homosexuality is a part of his character, but not a focus of the plot. He just is what he is and no one questions it, nor does he suffer any angst over it.


The most recent serial, which started last week, deals with a female lead group of outlaws hiding out on the planet Tellar. The author's "about section" promises every story will pass the Bechdel test - something classic Trek rarely did and modern Trek hasn't bothered to do since Voyager. Also worth noting is the lack of Barbie doll character design thats so pervasive in animation and comics.

Over all the art work is strong and vibrant in a retro comic way- you'd swear it was printed on newsprint and scanned- and the characters are thoughtfully written. The first serial certainly has a social message as well as an interesting twist at the end that speaks to the unpredictability of alien cultures. Check it out some time. You won't be sorry.


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