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Star Wars Adds Two New Cast Members

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Has Disney been listening to complaints that Star Wars is a male dominated universe with millions of Maori clones and little racial diversity otherwise? Or are they just continuing casting regardless? I don't care because I like how things have been going lately with casting.


Disney announced that they have cast Crystal Clarke and Pip Andersen to Episode VII. Nothing is known about what roles they will be playing but Disney put out a call in November for two characters.

Rachel, a "beautiful, smart and athletic" 17-to-18-year-old woman, and Thomas, a "handsome, smart and athletic" 19-23-year-old man.


The British actor Andersen also practices Parkour and was in a 2012 ad for Sony's Spiderman/the Xperia phone.

The American Clark meanwhile is set to debut in her first film, The Moon and Stars, in 2015.


I wonder if, given the casting is for athletic characters, they may be young Jedi.

Via Variety

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