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Star Wars Greyscale: The Force Awakens

Sorry about the last post everyone! It’s been a hectic week and I’ve just now had brain power and time to do this.

After a long and arduous road, we have finally reached the current trilogy. New trilogy, new director/producer and new mythos. Admittedly, with the final movie due in November, I’m still unsure of how I feel about Abrams at the helm of these movies. I know that I’ve personally called things a little too early and to quote Speed Racer, there’s still a lot of race left.

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With Abrams directing, the movies is a more modern pulpy, with the 1930s-50s serials being replaced with 1970-80s pulp. The unlikely duo who were thrown together, the plucky hero that just keep falling on their face, the nerd falling over because of the cute girl; they’re all here, folks! It’s a strange sort of inception when you remember Abrams grew up watching Spielberg and Lucas and is now finishing one of their stories. Indeed, you can see those influences but unfortunately (to me, at least), something is lost. I can’t put my finger on it but it feels less fun? Or perhaps less effortlessly fun.


Then again, this easily could be because this is one of my least favorite of the main Skywalker episodes. Yes, even behind Attack of the Clones. With the stylized visuals, set pieces and bulk of story, there’s a lot of movie here and I found myself constantly checking the time to see how much longer I had left.


That being said, it is more watchable than The Phantom Menace and it’s lost that X- factor I’m looking for, it gels better with the original trilogy than the prequels did. Also, Abrams has a far better eye than Lucas as the movie remains as beautiful in greyscale as it does in color.

Around the time BB-8 and Rey meet up, I realized that chunks of this movie would have worked for Anakin’s origin’s story. The kid from nowhere, having to take care of themselves, realizes that they have way more strength than they thought and has to fight their brutal natural when they fight. It certainly flows better than the “Oh, look at this plucky kid with great intentions. He’s going to be a violent, genocidal dictator!!” route.


Honestly, this is a rough review because I just can’t decide how I feel about it. To me, it felt like a really good fanmade film but 1. It had Lawrence Kasdan as a writer (Co-writer of Empire and Jedi) and 2. Didn’t the prequels feel the same? I love the new cast but not a fan of the script itself and some of the fan service. It’s a mixed bag for me.


Oh, and I’m still delirious from a multiple amount of things so I imagined that Kylo and Rey are in a horrible 80s teen movie where he’s the emo, jerk rich kid and Rey is the plucky poor girl and I couldn’t stop laughing during this scene. Every time I tried to stop, “If You Leave” kept playing in my head and I’d start laughing again.

Bulletpoint thoughts!!

  • This movie has no right to be this long. It’s amazing how many of these movies I feel that way about.
  • I’m not crying, you’re crying. You will be missed, Mr. Mayhew.
  • The Leia/Han scenes are great, possibly because of the long history Ford and Fisher had offscreen
  • Maz is peak Black Big Momma. You can’t convince me otherwise.

  • Image: grayscale-starwars.tumblr.com
  • I wonder how hard it was for Boyega to keep his American accent during his scenes with Rey and Phasma
  • It’s cool for Greg Grunberg and Daniel Craig to make a cameo but I couldn’t get my NSYNC as stormtrooper cameo? I see you, toxic fans.
  • C-3PO coming in between Han and Leia’s reunion and talking about himself is the perfect example of what he (and R2) brought to the prequels. Just perfect
  • Yes, most of the fan service is just pandering but when Han and Finn capture Phasma and Han asks if they’re a trash compactor on board is great.
  • This movie confirms that Star Wars movies have to have one kind of useless action/thrilling set piece in every movie.
  • I still hate Kylo’s lightsaber

So, everyone. Next week is The Last Jedi and thus the last Greyscale. I’m going to go get sleep rest. See you next week!!

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