Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you exalting news about a galaxy far, far away. Are you ready for this?

Star Wars has officially come to the Google Play Store, Movies & TV to be a bit more precise, and you can pre-order the entire collection of films for $89.99 as of today!

The expected release date is April 10, 2015, which means that you can pre-order this now and this weekend be viewing the films in their entirety on your Android devices, your Chromecast, Google Chrome, etc!


The collection includes, naturally enough, the original trilogy and the new one. (I promise I will not make any jokes about the new trilogy.)

Whether this includes the original trilogy as originally seen by my mother in theaters or the updated versions that were Lucas'd and that both my mother and I hold in low regard is up for speculation. My money is on these being the Lucas'd versions though, BECAUSE THEY WEREN'T FINISHED WHEN THEY ORIGINALLY HIT THEATERS, YOU HEATHENS! (Leave him alone! Leave him alone!)


The films are of course also available individually, for those with more discerning tastes (and who don't want the new with their beloved original trilogy).

Bearing in mind that purchasing each film individually outside the collection will set you back $19.99 a pop. (So it is worth pointing out that buying them all for $89.99 saves you around $30. Let's not forget there likely will be tax included on the purchases, thus the "around $30" bit.)


For those interested in purchasing the films on an individual basis, please visit the following links.


The Phantom Menace ($19.99)

Attack of the Clones ($19.99)

Revenge of the Sith ($19.99)

A New Hope ($19.99)

The Empire Strikes Back ($19.99)

Return of the Jedi ($19.99)

And now to prepare you all for what will most likely be a Star Wars film marathon weekend in many homes I leave you with "The Imperial March".

Edit. Apparently the mainpage had this news up earlier today, but it was so "minor blurb" worthy that I honestly didn't notice it and when I did I thought "that's it?" So apologies for technically the double post on the news, but at least mine has screenshots! And you know, more links! Take that, mainpage!