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With the pending arrival of Star Wars: The Fore Awakens at the end of this year, I’ve been pondering just how much Star Wars has influenced pop culture in the past 40 years. One area that has had a field day with the Star Wars platform is comedy. SNL, movies, you name it: so many have taken a crack at poking fun at the franchise.

Disney put out an official trailer for TFA, and within the same day somebody made a decent parody.

We’ve had entire indie and mainstream Hollywood movies parody the franchise too, most notably films like Hardware Wars and Spaceballs:

Now-classic indie shorts have also made their mark, most notably the C.O.P.S. parody T.R.O.O.P.S.: (here’s a mini-documentary plus the short itself):

Longer fan-made features have surfaced as well, which leads me to of course mention the Pink 5 trilogy: (note: Yoda and Obi Wan are the best parts, IMHO)


And a personal fave sketch from SNL heads up the numerous sketch-comedy bits pertaining to Star Wars, with Kevin Spacey in the ‘screen tests’ for Star Wars as Christopher Walken and Walter Matthau (auditioning for Han Solo and Obi Wan respectively) , and Daryl Hammond-as-Richard Dreyfus-as-C3P0: (vid at the link)


How about you? What’s your favorite Star Wars parody/spoof/comedy bit? Post below!

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