Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

There will probably be a few light spoilers in here for people who haven’t seen the show at all. With that in mind I’d like to submit a hypothesis that this show is the most Star Warsy content to come out since the conclusion of the original trilogy.

I’ll support my hypothesis with the idea that each of the characters is modeled after what made the original trilogy great.


Kanaan is modeled after Old Ben. Just younger.

Ezra is modeled after Luke. Just younger.

Chopper is modeled after R2-D2.

Zeb is modeled after Chewbacca

Ahsoka is going to fill the role of Yoda. Hermit Jedi.

The Ghost might as well be the Milinneum Falcon.

I can’t decide if Sabine is supposed to be Boba Fett as a good guy or not.

Hera certainly can fill the role of Han Solo and the Princess mixed together

There are villains modeled after Jabba the Hutt. I can’t think of their name.

Tarkin and Vader have been villains on the show. The Inquisitor stands as an opportunity to create a unique identity for the show and move forward on it’s own two feet on that basis.


For the record this isn’t a complaint. This is, in my eyes, praise for the show writers. They’ve taken everything that was great about the original Star Wars trilogy and created the foundation to tell a new story. Once they branch out and begin telling their own original stories I think the show has a lot of potential because we’ve all been able to relate well to the characters of the show.

Despite being on Disney it doesn’t appear the show is afraid to kill a character either as the original inquisitor is implied as dead.

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