I saw an image on Facebook, but couldn’t tell if it was new or something that had been floating around for a while. I liked it because it’s neat, and didn’t see anything on any news sites about it. Then I saw an article at Latino-Review, and realized it is new. I present it to you, fellow citizens, in the hope that it springs some more excitement regarding the Star Wars Universe (is that possible? MORE excitement?)


Still with me? Good.

Here’s what I saw:


According to Latino-Review, someone was able to snap a pic of a presentation test for Star Wars’ Hall H presentation. You can’t really see the dates, but we know Episode VII comes out in December, Rouge One comes out in December 2016, Episode VIII comes out in May 2017, and Episode IX comes out sometime in 2019. That means Kenobi should be released sometime in 2018 and Fett/Solo will hit us in 2020.


[UPDATE]: As many have pointed out, this is, sadly, a fake: