After last month’s very enticing first issue, issue 2 is an incredibly good follow up that will again make Starfire fans happy.

Spoilers bellow

We begin this issue seeing Key West (which we now learn is in Florida) being devastated by hurricane Betty, with wind speeds of 140 kph. At the same time, Starfire & the two people she lives with are hurrying to the School. In the commotion, the Grandma loses her pet parrot, meaning Starfire has to go back to find the bird.

This is halted when Stella arrives to ask for Starfire’s assistance. Her brother (who is a coast guard) has went out to sea to save a small cruise ship. Starfire eventually does save them, though because of the Storm, she loses her sense of direction and lands 113 km away from the island.

During all this, a beast rises out of the trailer park. I want to say its X’Hal given that is what Starfire said last issue, but it doesn’t really looks like her at all and is more like a stereotypical monster. In either case, it seems to want to kill Starfire by its master’s command.


This issue is quite good. It is far darker in its colour scheme then #1 but it works to give the hurricane a very foreboding nature. The tone of the comic is also darker than the more comedic and light-hearted #1, but still has a lot of room to be funny.

One particular scene happens near the beginning of the issue, where Starfire is bragging about how she is nearly indestructible, only to be smacked off her feet by a Holiday Resort sign.


We don’t learn too much more of either Starfire or Stella’s personality or history in this issue, as they are mostly in panic mode or serious mode. That really isn’t a bad thing as issue 1 covered a lot of that already and it would have likely have just slowed the comic down. One thing we do learn though is that Starfire can be a bit of a brag.

Overall a good issue, though one thing made me scratch my head. Why does a resort town have a SWAT tank?