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Stargate: SG-1 Rewatch - Season 8, Episode 19 & 20 Moebius

Today we see an Air Force Officer who should’ve been dismissed years ago lead the team through the Gate for the last time.


At the SGC the team are discussing the rescue mission to Atlantis using the new BC-304 Daedalus ship. However the mood is dimmed when Daniel receives word that Catherine Langford, the woman who basically gave birth to the Stargate Program has died of old age quite suddenly. At the funeral Catherine’s niece speaks to Daniel, giving him an antique Egyptian necklace to him before telling him there are a number of items she also wanted him to have which are all shipped to the SGC. While many of the belongings are archaeologically interesting but useless for the SGC Daniel does find a reference to a ZPM on Earth during the rule of the Goa’uld. While they can’t find it now Daniel and Carter agree that they could use the time-travel Jumper to go back in time and recover the ZPM from the past.


Once they get the ship in orbit they immediately try to jump back to 3000 BC which appears to have worked. Landing in Ancient Egypt the team make their way to a local encampment where they wait the night. The next morning they head to the Palace, where they are once again faced by Ra and forced to standby as the Goa’uld has one of the villagers killed lest they change the future. After the audience the team infiltrate further to nab the ZPM, with Teal’c disguising himself as one of the Horus Guards. While they successfully exfiltrate the palace they find the puddle jumper surrounded as a sandstorm has half covered the invisible ship, making it an oddity that attracts the local Jaffa forces. Given that they can’t fight the Jaffa they decide to stay in Egypt until the eventual rebellion against Ra while setting up a message for themselves in the future in case if they don’t live to see the rebellion.

In this alternate future we find that the unknown changes caused by the original team the lives of their alternate selves have gone to shit. Daniel is teaching English to immigrants at a night school, Carter is a civilian scientist but lacks self-confidence and is taken advantage of academically by her colleague, O’Neill retired much earlier and now lives on a boat in Canada (aptly named Homer), and Major Davis has a terrible moustache. Carter and Daniel are brought to Cheyenne Mountain for unknown reasons (while O’Neill refuses) to be met by Hammond, who is now only a Brigadier General in charge of a research command in what would’ve been the SGC. It turns out that a video camera had been found in a sealed container on a dig in Egypt, which reveals to contain the video of their original selves and information about the Stargate. However Hammond reveals that no Stargate was ever found in Egypt.

In an attempt to prove their worth and stay Daniel decodes a tablet also found with the tape, decoding the idea that there’s a second Gate on Earth in Antarctica which is successfully found by Hammond’s team but Daniel and Carter still find themselves kept away. Instead the two decide to find O’Neill on his boat and get him to come back to the Air Force but instead O’Neill sees them as two crazy people. On return to the mountain however they find that while they found no Gate in Egypt they had found the time-travel Jumper, with the project being led by McKay who is slightly less of a dickhead than previously but still has his desire for Carter. While hiding from McKay, Carter comes up with the exact location of the Gate in Antarctica using seismic data allowing it to be quickly recovered and placed at the facility but the two of them are still refused access to the mission to Chulak, that is until it’s revealed that O’Neill has come back to lead a team through the Gate that also includes Major Kowalsky. O’Neill is successfully able to convince Hammond into letting the other two join the mission after they help O’Neill to get the Jumper working.

Arriving on Chulak with the Jumper the team land outside the city and head towards it, almost immediately finding themselves ambushed and captured by the local Jaffa. Waking inside the jail the team are confronted by Teal’c who is still Apophis’ First Prime. Despite attempting to convince Teal’c of his true self the Jaffa brings Daniel to Apophis, who much like Davis also now sports terrible facial hair, who tortures the archaeologist for information using a hand-device. While this goes on Teal’c returns to the prison, having the others show him the footage from the video camera which proves their story and decides to help them escape and restore the timeline. On the way back to the Jumper however Teal’c kills Daniel, revealing that Daniel had been implanted with a Goa’uld, but not before Daniel kills the Airman with them. As the team run back to the Jumper they come under heavy fire, with the other two Airmen and Kowalsky being killed in the process. Once back at the Jumper and in the air they are chased by Death Gliders, with O’Neill time travelling into the past to lose them and then dial the Gate, finding themselves in Ancient Egypt.


Heading to the same settlement as their counterparts had they make contact with the same local who helped their earlier selves which was five years ago, only for the original Daniel to appear. It turns out that the original SG-1 led a rebellion but it failed, with the other members of SG-1 executed as a result. The combined team instead decide to put together a new rebellion (the one that created the alternate timeline) but this time make sure that the Gate is captured as well to enable the timeline being restored. As Carter and O’Neill attempt to get the Jumper working again they become trapped when a Jaffa patrol stumble upon their position. As the come under fire they decide to confirm their attraction and kiss, thinking they’re going to die. The patrol however is captured by the rebel forces that Daniel and Teal’c put together however, kickstarting the successful rebellion.

In the future it turns out that the timeline has been fixed, with the original SG-1 now no longer having to go back in time to grab a ZPM. The episode ends with the team once again fishing at O’Neill’s cabin as depicted in Threads, only this time the pond actually has fish.



So here we are. Eight seasons and 174 episodes later we reach the end of SG-1 as we know it, with the team having one last planet-hopping escapade before the end. This time we see the team not only travel through time but also into other realities.


So the story sees the team trying to find a way to help out the Atlantis Expedition, who they’ve received word from about the situation they’re facing regarding the Wraith, and get a ZPM to send reinforcements to the Pegasus galaxy along with Earth’s new spaceship, the Daedalus. Instead a series of time travel adventures sees them accidently alter the future, making one that is worse for all their careers. This initial display of their alternate selves is one of the best parts of the episode, filled with references back to the original film and episode all the way back in the 90s such as Carter’s line about her sexual organs, that definitely makes it for the fans. The show also references its young successor with McKay returning to the SGC, this time in his much more mellow Atlantis form rather than his completely unlikable version from SG-1, with him now loving citrus as opposed to being “deathly allergic” to it.

The episode also sees the return of beloved characters on the show who have been absent for a longtime now seeing Hammond return to his office, Apophis on his throne in the city of Chulak, and Kowalsky still having a back and forth with his old comrade. It’s nice to see this characters back again, even in their cameo roles, as it returns the show back to the older series where the vast array of Goa’uld were the enemy as opposed to the Ancient-related enemies of the later seasons, and at its heart that’s what the episode is all about with it functioning as a “Greatest Hits” tour as opposed to a climactic battle to end the big bad. Even the final rebellion is left largely off the screen, the show instead once again showing us O’Neill and Civilian Carter back together just like in Season one so long ago.


If there’s a weakness to the episode it’s probably how much they try to squeeze into the two parts as it does feel like it could’ve been slightly more leisurely with another half hour or so to finish it off with. Instead the timelines jump around rather fast which does sadly waste some of the great cameos they bring back, with Kowalsky barely alive for fifteen minutes before dying once more.

Watching these two episodes now however I can’t help but have a feeling of both sadness and joy, looking back at just how much the show did over eight seasons that even with a quarter of a season being dedicated to wrapping up it still failed to find just enough time to do so. This show created so many characters and places to go, with so many relationships and plotlines to go with them, that it’d take a season to properly say goodbye. Instead we get 90 minutes to say the most important parts and while it doesn’t do it all it does enough to leave you going away with a smile on your face and in the end that’s what matters.


Assorted Musings

· Kinsey is President? My god, we live in the alternate universe.

· Carter into Daniel? God not another blockage to O’Neill-Carter.

· Ancient Egypt sure had great English classes.


Quote of the episode: “Didn’t that tape say there were no fish in your pond?”

“Close enough.” – Carter and O’Neill

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