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Starhammer the Great New Super Hero Comic

Starhammer, the new superhero comic, answers the age old question of “What happens if you wake up and find a floaty starry hammer following you around?”. There isn’t much to the comic yet, just having begun in October, but it is off to a great start so far!

Taking place in 2017, Starhammer is in a world like ours where people with powers emerged in the mid-80s and set the world on its ear. Our main character, Evelyn Li wakes up one morning to find a hammer following her around. Unlike her best friend Izzie, Evey isn’t that into all that superhero junk and doesn’t take this as an immediate chance to become a super hero. She doesn’t even realize the hammer has a past history


Since the comic is new there isn’t much to it yet, which makes it great for catching up to and starting to follow. The art looks great, especially with all the cosmic Starhammer stuff, and the characters are all interesting! And the world they have only just begun to reveal is interesting and I think makes sense for what it is, our world + suddenly powers + 30 years for it to have changed things.

Also this comic is being worked on/made by an io9er and thats how I first heard about it when it was in pre-development but I cannot remember who exactly because I am a terrible human being. Anyways that is even more reason to go check it out!

Go check this comic out now here! You can also follow the Tumblr here!

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