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Start the day by hitting people with your self driving car...

VIRTUALLY! Important to mind that! Also - it’s not Grand Theft Auto, it’s the modern day version if the Trolley Problem, so it’s there to tune your moral compass, which is not as much fun as GTA... ;) So head over t MIT and tell them who you want your self driving car to hit. (Well, probably not your self driving car, if your in the car, I’m sure that would distort the decisions in which the passengers of the car are in danger of getting killed ;) )

I for one seem to have a tendency to hit female doctors... Which does not reflect a personal dislike but me disregarding gender and social status of the potential victims in favour of not actively intervening if possible and preferring to hit people who jaywalk. So if I have to chose between a criminal who crosses the street legally and a doctor who walks on a red light, neither the doctor’s bag nor the skirt will help you... ;)


And screw pets...


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