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Steam Summer Sale Recommendations

The Steam Summer Sale is upon us once again. It’s time to scrounge up the change between the sofa cushions and increase the amount of games in our Steam library that we’ll never get around to playing. But which games should you get?

What I propose is that we each pick two or three games each to recommend. Quality over quantity. Otherwise it’d be too easy to just list every game you like, and that’s hardly helpful to anyone looking for suggestions.


Subnautica - $11.99

You’re the only survivor of a spaceship crash onto an ocean world. It’s a survival game based almost entirely underwater. Gather wreckage and resources to build your gear, fancy submersibles, and even your very own Sealab. It’s still in early-access, but there’s more than enough content to enjoy already. No word yet on if mod support will happen, but if it does, an already fantastic game will become epic.

Gang Beasts - $14.99

Adorably dressed gelatinous beings fighting to the death, in adorable yet gruesome fashion, in various arenas and battlegrounds. Frantic and often hilarious, this is an absolutely great game. Originally intended as a local multiplayer game only, the developers have recently begun beta testing online multiplayer, so it’s a good game to get even if you don’t have friends stopping by for you to challenge.


Kerbal Space Program - $23.99

Possibly the greatest space simulator yet built. You build rockets and planes any way you see fit. The options are quite nearly endless thanks to one of the best mod communities ever. Travel to distant planets. Build the craziest rockets you can think of. Send thousands of adorable green Kerbals to fiery deaths! It’s a game for hardcore players and casuals alike. Bend physics to your will. I love this game, and you will too.


And that’s my suggestions. There are tons more I could recommend. Just search the under $5 dollar options under indie games. Most of those are worth the tiny investment. Enjoy the Steam sale.

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