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Steve Ditko's Post-Modernist Objectivist Stories

I recently came across this article from 2013 about Steve Ditko and how he is still producing comic books today (which you can buy here). Instead of producing straight up superhero stories, however, Ditko is producing post-modernist tales of his own brand of Objectivism, or, as the Mysterious Traveler puts it:

I’m tempted to buy some of Ditko’s recent comics, because they fascinate me. His clean lines and angular faces have turned into weird post-modernist statements while the plots themselves seem like strange experimental stories about a philosophy I don’t understand. Mr. A, who went from a man in a metal mask to a man with a metal face, doesn’t even have to resort to violence anymore. He just gives his victims a magical card that turns from white to black. The Distorter is a character who turns his victims into abstract art. And yet, sometimes, his art shows something that turns to be pretty truthful:

Civil War II anyone?

Even if his philosophy is a weird Objectivist jumble, making sense only in the mind of Ditko himself, his art and storytelling ability haven’t left him. The man is 88 years old and still telling the stories he wants to tell. That has to count for something.

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