Earlier this month, Steven Moffat was awarded the Burke Medal for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts at Dublin's Trinity College - and now, thanks to Trinity FM, you can listen to the interview and Q&A session he gave to The Hist, Trinity's Debating Society.

There's a lot of fascinating stuff in this, but here's a few of the more pertinent bits of information:

  • River Song is definitely back in Series 7B - whilst not surprising at this point, it'll be interesting to see the post-Amy-and-Rory relationship between her and The Doctor, as well as Clara's reaction.
  • Russell T Davies probably won't write for Doctor Who while Steven is the showrunner, but he would love to get Neil Gaiman writing a script every year. Do we start the campaign for Gaiman to replace the Grand Moff now?
  • There's more to come from the Fields of Trenzalore - but what's interesting here is the way Moffat describes it as "the battle in the Doctor’s future that led to the attempts on his life in the past". Obviously we saw the Silence and Madame Kovarian's plot to kill The Doctor play out in Series 6, but what if this means the Order decides to strike back even further into The Doctor's past... perhaps even beyond his Eleventh Incarnation?

You can listen to the full hour and a half session in the player below.