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Steven Universe.....WATCH THAT SHOW!

Really suprised it came from someone that worked on Adventure Time cause it feels really good in a "everything has levels" kinda way......Let me explain on what I mean.
In Adventure Time you get the main plot and everything is basicaly one main emotion.
Nothing is extraordinary, everything is sorta level(in terms of the general story).
Watching this first episode(or at least two episodes.since 15 minutes counts as a new episode to CN) of Steven Universe shows me that the characters have different ways to interact with the situations, and different emotions or thoughts during the situations without feeling like it's just one monotone way to react.
Plus the songs they used were great, and Garnet is boss.

Anyway, the episodes just gave us balanced amount of information about Steven that it felt good.
I really hope this show keeps on going like this and keeps developing the world they live in, but in a way that doesn't make me go "So why should I care if he is getting punched if he doesn't care that he is getting punched? "kinda way.

Still, check it out.

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