Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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This episode featured the return of budding actor and one-time attempted wooer of Garnet, Jamie the mail carrier. He’s been hired by Mayor Dewey (Joel Robinson!) to produce, direct and act in a play written about the founder of Beach City, William Dewey. He invites Steven to audition for the play, and Steven ends up being the only person who shows up. This lands Steven the part of William Dewey, and Jamie bravely takes on all of the remaining roles.


The play is basically propaganda and historical revision, painting William Dewey as a flawless individual who made absolutely no mistakes and heroically founded the city. Steven’s at-home rehearsal catches Pearl’s interest, especially because she was present for the events mis-depicted in the play. She helps Steven re-write it, and Jamie is blown away by THE DRAMA. THE REALISM. So they decide to do Pearl’s version.

The production itself is...enthusiastic, and at first Mayor Dewey is horrified by the accurate portrayal of his ancestor. But by the end of the play, the character’s flaws are what made him relatable to the audience, and they end up cheering the Mayor’s creepy, off-key slogan.

  • The things Steven says to Pearl about everyone being flawed, of everyone messing up sometimes but how important it is to keep trying, is something she really needed to hear. Steven is good at that kind of thing.
  • There’s some kind of Gem fusion depicted in Pearl’s revised play, and it’s hard to tell who it might be. It’s not Rainbow Quartz, because the fusion in the play had four arms instead of two. It’s not Sugilite’s or Opal’s or Sardonyx’s profile. It might have been Alexandrite, but the hair isn’t quite right. I have to conclude it’s one of Rose Quartz’s fusions. One we have yet to know about.
  • This play was make-or-break for Jamie’s hobby!

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