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The second season of Stitchers started this week on Freeform (the channel formerly known as ABC Family). As none of you remember, Stitchers is about a pretty twenty-something woman who goes into the minds of recently deceased people. I quit the show after 2 or 3 episodes but gave it another shot.

Yes, there are spoilers ahead.

As you may have gathered from the top image our heroine Kirsten Clark must don a skintight cat suit and climb into a water tank to “stitch” into other people’s minds and memories (usually to find out who killed them or for evidence). She works with other pretty twenty-somethings (including Allison Scagliotti playing a non-institutionalized version of Claudia Donovan). Their adult supervision (another Syfy refugee Salli Richardson-Whitfield) runs the black ops government program. Of course sitting around the lab is dull so Kristen goes into the field herself (but not in the catsuit) and the usual procedural show hijinks ensue.


The second season premiere “2.0” introduces some retooling of the show. Kirsten and her UST partner, a neuroscientist who also joins her in the field, have both had their personalities upgraded. In the first season Kirsten suffered from a fictitious condition that kept her from sensing the passing of time (don’t ask) and made her emotionally flatter than a Vulcan. I don’t know if it was the writing or the acting (most likely both) but that gimmick never really worked for me. Events in last season’s finale and this week’s premiere fixed her condition so now Kristen acts like a normal twenty-something on TV. Meanwhile Cameron the neuroscientist is more reckless after surviving a near death experience.

The retooling of the show is symbolized by a new stitch suit for Kristen. Suit 2.0 is padded and looks like a modified SHIELD outfit.

Is Stitchers a good show? It’s still a procedural show with an SF angle populated by pretty twenty-somethings (though the larger arc has potential). iZombie would be a better place to get your “procedural show with elements of the fantastic” fix. But it’s definitely better than what I saw of the first season. I may end up dropping Stitchers again but I’ll give it a few more episodes at least.

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