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Stop everything and watch this trailer for a Froud/Henson short

Sweet muppet Jesus, how am I just finding out about this now?!? Toby Froud, better known as the stripey pajama-wearing baby abducted by David Bowie in Labyrinth, has followed in the footsteps of his father and conceptual artist for both The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, Brian Froud, by writing and directing his own short film in conjunction with Heather Henson's puppet company Ibex Puppetry, called Lessons Learned.


Successfully Kickstartered last year, the 15 minute short features a wide array of strange and gobliny creatures who would look right at home in the elder Froud's universe. For those of you willing to make the trek to Portland, you can catch a screening at the Portland Film Festival later this August, but keep a close eye on your own local indie theaters, since the print has already started on the festival circuit and will be included as part of Heather Henson's touring Handmade Puppet Dreams.

For more information and behind-the-scenes photos head over to Toby's own production site, the aptly named stripeypajamaproductions.com.


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