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It's Friday, and I've had a good day, anyway. Then I saw this:

We have serious problems that need solutions, but while we grapple with those discussions it's good to see that there are still everyday heroes making things better in little ways.


As the link says, an officer responded to a call and found two brothers at a residence. When he suggested they play (don't know what the nature of the call was, but I'm going to speculate that he wanted to engage the kids while the situation was handled by other officers), he was told that they didn't have any toys. So, he went and got them some. What I particularly love is that they got Captain America gear, so now they have their own chance to help save the world.

I've worked with kids most of my life, and one of my passions is the way stories can shape the way children in difficult circumstances think about themselves. It can seem like a small thing, but believing in heroes does help them believe that they have value and should be protected. And when they get to be the heroes, they become protectors, too.

Things like this are so incredibly important, and make a good day even better.


(Photo from Think Geek)

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