Let’s talk easter eggs and references! What have you found so far? SPOILERS AHEAD

Season 1 was filled with them, both overt and obscure. King fans spotted many tropes common in his works, and anime fans may have caught the whole Elfen Lied connection with Nana(7)/Eleven and her Papa.

As for season 2, Bob made reference to his family in Maine (favorite setting of Stephen King), and it appears he is a Pennywise survivor. His being played by former Goonie, Sean Astin, didn’t go unnoticed.

Most everything foreshadowed in last season’s final D&D scene came to pass:

  • Thesselhydra = the big bad smoke thing/the vines
  • casting fireball to defeat it = the kids’ fire in the caves/the heat used to drive the thing out of Will
  • “lost knight” = Hopper stuck in the caves or El’s side quest in the city
  • “proud princess” = Max
  • “those weird flowers in the cave” = the spore-spewing things
  • Dustin and Lucas roughhousing = their fighting with each other over Max and Dart