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Strax has convinced me that popcorn is awesome

Just got back from "Day of the Doctor" 3D in which Strax and his clone batch thoroughly schooled us all on proper theater etiquette.

He introduced us to prisoners, a man and possibly another man strapped to upright tables and sporting bandages, guilty of not silencing his phone and of recording the movie on her phone (the worst offense!).


Then, Strax expressed his pleasure at the human custom of consuming exploded corn kernels, the squeaking of which, upon one's teeth, sound like "little screams".

This was followed by another segment in which 10 and 11 introduced the 3D aspect of the feature in their usual rambling way. They also taught us how to spot the Zygons in the audience: put on your 3D glasses, close one eye, and look at the person next to you. If one of his/her lenses appears black, s/he is a Zygon. (Of course, everyone is a Zygon with this trick.)

It ended with a slow zoom into Hurt, who had his back to the audience. The entire theater I was in gasped and then went dead silent. ;)

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