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Strax reports to Sontar on... Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary!?

I'm rather enjoying the BBC's policy of 'announce things before the paparazzi pics spoil them!' when it comes to the 50th Anniversary - we've had Readthrough pictures, filming videos, announcements of cast members old and new. Now they've gone a step further with this video featuring everyone's favourite Comedy Sontaran! Click through to find out what's so important to Strax, that Sontaran High Command needs to know...

So, not much, but it's a nice way for them to tease the Trafalgar Square filming that was going on earlier. Sontar will probably be a bit miffed that it's all they learned!


Why on Earth is Strax in the TARDIS though? Perhaps a hint at Sontaran Presence in the 50th Anniversary?

Meanwhile, the BBC have released a short video about yesterday's location filming at the Tower of London, featuring Jemma Redgrave and Jenna-Louise Coleman - and also confirming that actress and comedienne Ingrid Oliver has joined the cast:

Oliver, known for her role as part of the comedic duo Watson and Oliver, as well as several small roles in various British television shows, appears to be playing a rather enthusiastic UNIT scientist... wearing a strangely familiar piece of clothing:

The plot thickens!

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