Street Fighter V will come with an initial 16 characters (12 old, 4 new) with more coming after launch, all of whom will be free (I’ll get back to this)! As such, here is my personal wish list of characters, who likely won’t make the initial roster, but hopefully will appear later down the line.

Please feel free to make your own wish lists or anything else SFV related.

I should point out that though all DLC characters will be free, the option to buy them will be available also. Otherwise, you will have to unlock them first by doing an assortment of challenges to get them.

Juri Han

Juri is a South Korean taekwondo expert and is amazingly sadistic and evil. She starred in her own OVA and was one of the key villains of the Super/Ultra Street Fighter 4 era. The last we see of her is was 1994, when she destroys Seth’s tandem engine and leaves him for dead in her ending and then possibly fighting M. Bison shortly afterwards.


She is also the character I had the most fun with while playing USF4 (never played the other versions) as her fighting style, defence and speed worked perfectly with my personal fighting game preferences. It also helped that she was fun to watch and enjoyably evil.

I wonder if they’ll ever fully address the whole attraction between her and Chun-Li if they bring her back (hinted briefly in the SS4 series and Project X Zone)?

Mel Masters


Who? Well he has appeared in multiple games as non-player character so far and is the son of Ken. You may think this is an odd choice I realise. But he would make a good choice in my opinion.

It’s been shown that even at 3 years old in SF3, he could punch Ken hard enough that he could hurt him so why not. He’d be Street Fighter’s equivalent of Gohan from Dragon Ball!



Twelve was basically the T-1000 and was one of the new fighters introduced in Street Fighter Third Strike (the story sequel to second impact that retconned the original SF3). He was very fun to play, and I would love to see him making a comeback in this one with even more unique fighting weapons.

Last we saw of him took place in the year 1999, where he had gained sentience in an Illuminati laboratory. What he did then is a complete mystery and I hope V gives us more answers.

Speaking of the Illuminati, I really hope V addresses them as the whole reason they were doing what they were doing in Second Impact and Third Strike was that they were about to start the apocalypse. That’s something you might want to get back to.


Juni (or any of the Dolls)

For those who don’t remember (or simply don’t care enough about SF lore), Juni along with Cammy are the only Dolls known to still be alive after the events of SF4. The Dolls being the name M. Bison gave to his army of mind controlled assassins.


All of them were captured by S.I.N. to be experimented on (and eventually killed) with the exception of Juni who was saved by Cammy who had been unbrainwashed and a good guy for years. We know that Decapre was active for a bit before Bison stole her back, but she was dying at the time so her fate is a mystery.



This one comes from a weird place because I’m actually quite bad playing as her. However, I find the character compelling and she’s basically how I would make my version of Goku in my Dragon Ball Ultimate script, even down to the voice.



Technically, she is a Final Fight character not a Street Fighter character. But, she has appeared in more SF games then FF games so I’m counting her.

Though she is slow on the speed, she makes up for it with quick attacks and excellent defence so I found I played using her a lot. Plus it would be nice to have LGBTQ+ characters in the game (T in this case) and given the already abundance of British characters in the vanilla version, I doubt we’ll see Eagle.