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Street Fighter V First Impressions: Fun but feels unfinished

So far I’ve played the game for about five hours now and while I am having fun, the game feels really light on features and feels like it is incomplete. As I haven’t played it enough to do a full review of it or just make any final judgements, here are my first impressions of the game so far:

1. Things I like

  1. The roster is well balanced and I like that we can see each character individual stats.
  2. So far my favourite characters to play as are Laura, Cammy and Rashid.
  3. The story modes, while short are fun and feel like a good addition to the series.
  4. The inclusion of a tutorial is a good choice of Capcom’s part. I don’t know why so many Japanese Fighting games lack them as they help new players get to know the basics and helps old players know the new game mechanics
  5. Online for me has been smooth so far.
  6. I think they made Street Fighter 2010 (You know the old NES game that was a Sci-Fi where you fight cyborg and mutants) canon.

2. Things I dislike or are disappointed by:

  1. The lack of modes is disappointing. Challenges won’t come until March, The main Story mode doesn’t come until June and there is no classic arcade mode or player vs CPU. The latter is annoying for me as none of my friends have the game and my brother has been away most of the day.
  2. The game doesn’t tell you how much Fight Money is worth.
  3. (Spoilers) Story mode can be a massive tease sometimes, promising fights with Sakura and Oro but never actually letting you fight them. (End spoilers)

3. Questions and random speculation

  1. (Spoilers) Is it just me or does Helen remind me of the woman who work for Gill in the Street Fighter III era games. (End Spoilers)
  2. How much is Fight Money worth, what is the difference between Zenny and Fight Money and How much Fight Money do I need to buy a character?
  3. Are we getting a final boss?

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