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Streets of Fire : A totally awesome movie you've probably never seen...

...but 1980s Japanese animators totally did.

I discovered this movie couple years ago, and it quickly became one of my favorites. Streets of Fire is a weird little film that mixes the 80s with the 50s in the way that only the 80s could. Directed by The Warriors' Walter Hill, it stars Diane Lane, Michael Paré, Amy Madigan, Rick Moranis, Jennifer Beals' dance double from Flashdance, and Willem Dafoe playing his face like a goddam instrument of Satan.


It's a standard damsel in distress rescue story, but that's not so bad because one of the rescuers is one of the toughest chicks on film ever. It's this whole team-up of a sleeveless hero, the aforementioned tough chick, a slimy nerd, a fluffy-haired 80s groupie, and a do-wop band on a mission to save the local famous singer from an evil biker in vinyl nipple pants. Everybody talks like a 1930s tough guy.

Did I mention it's a musical?

And the songs are by the guy who writes all of Meatloaf and Bonnie Tyler's crazy-long, epic 3-songs-in-1 that are so fun to sing at karaoke.

Streets of Fire was actually quite influential on 1980s anime with its neon on gritty black color scheme and music video interludes, especially on Bubblegum Crisis.


Check it out. Priss and the Replicants stole their old-timey microphone from Ellen Aim and the Attackers.


And her weird singing stance.

Also, I'm pretty sure the famous Sephiroth fire scene from FF7 came from this movie.


I seriously love this overlooked film and highly recommend it. It's on Netflix US Instant Watch.

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