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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Suggest some recent SF/Fantasy TV I should watch

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I don't watch every show that comes down the turnpike, and tend not to read the reviews of the shows I'm not watching, basing most of my retrospective choices on the io9 headlines and general buzz. But what is the general buzz? What have I missed out on? What is must-see TV?


I won't list all the shows I currently watch, or even give a sense of what I like or don't like, or have tried and abandoned. I just want your suggestions, with your reasons, as to what I should start watching. Assume nothing about my viewing habits, or my available Networks. I have "access" to a lot, but not everything.

I will say this: SF or Fantasy only, so I don't want suggestions like True Detective or Fargo. And they must be recent débuts, say within the last 18 months. Otherwise, have at you.

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