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Suicide Squad Is Going Through Reshoots To Make It A Funny Fun Time Movie

According to Birth.Movies.Death. Suicide Squad is going to insert more comedy into what is apparently a story with a serious tone. The only moments of jokes/the funny are in the trailer and that’s it. I have to wonder if this is in response to the criticism of SvB and its heavy, dark mood.

There’s two ways this could play out:

1. The changes made to lighten the movie will be a good thing and improve the story. Its not impossible and if everybody is willing and feeling the vibe it could work.


2. Also the question of this happening at this late stage. But I’m not sure how this will get done on such short notice. Its not like going back to a short story written by one writer and adding a few lines of jokes. And anybody remember 47 Ronin? It went through these reshoot problems right before it was released and that didn’t save it. I mean, the movie is slated for an August 2016 release, not 2017.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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