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This week’s Sunday Nuggets has a spacesuit theme. So let’s seal our helmets and try not to run out of oxygen.

(Top image of the Adriatic Sea from Karen Nyberg’s Twitter.)

First we have spacesuits being tested for a possible future mission to Mars. The Austrian Space Forum organized obstacle courses to test three designs – one from the Austrian Space Forum, one from the Human Spaceflight Laboratory at the University of North Dakota, and one from the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. The courses were meant to test how well the wearers could maneuver and perform tasks such as bag samples.


(Image Pablo de León/Tiffany Swarmer/UND Aerospace Network via Popular Science)

Meanwhile astronauts of the European Space Agency trained underwater in the Gandolfi spacewalk training suit, based on the Russian Orlan spacesuit. Last month they conducted a reenactment of the Apollo 11 mission underwater. The testing is to develop European expertise in spacewalk simulations under partial gravity for exploring the moon, asteroids and Mars.

(Image Alexis Rosenfeld/ESA via Space.com)

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And here’s a hairy video:

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