How’s everybody doing? I finally got a free Sunday and remembered I haven’t done one of these for a while. So here I am, ready to make small talk with anybody.

A little later today I’m planning on heading out to a bookstore and pick up the 3rd bood of the Expanse series. I’ll probably will spend some time aimlessly wandering around to see if anything else trips my trigger. Probaby shouldn’t pick anything additional though, I already have a back log of books but, I have a week of business travel coming up and I’ll probably spend most of the evenings reading. Not like Topeka is know for it’s nightlife.

After that I’ll probably spend some time doing laundry and watching Star Wars since TNT is showing the movies this weekend. Trying to take it easy before my last weekend home for a while.

So how’s everybody else spending today? Got anything to brag about? Something you want to complain about? Now’s your chance in your open thread?