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Sunday Open Thread...Procrasty Is A Gleeful Dork Edition.

Some of you had The Force Awakens to lovingly massage your nostalgia hungry brains last year, but now things have aligned to give me a turn at this lovely feeling of familiar yet new enjoyment!

Yes, I am a long term fan of this band, a concert attending, special edition buying, several close relationships owing fan.


I actually owe some of my general nerdyness to this as well, first picking up The Hitchhickers Guide To The Galaxy off the back of my love of Paranoid Android, and finding the late 90's early 00's online fan community to be a rather nerdy kindly bunch too, giving me a big and varied list of suggestions to work through.

Anyway, I’m reaching the end of my first listen and in my completely unbiased opinion it’s a really bloody great collection of songs.

How’s your Sunday going fellows? And which was your last trip into nostialgia fuelled happiness?

(follow the link below to get a listen to the whole album)

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