Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

So, I just won tickets to Monster Jam. At least a family four-pack of them. It'll be in South Texas next weekend, from Friday through Sunday. The tickets are good for any day (I think, although I'll find out for sure this afternoon).

If anyone is interested in them and would be able to go let me know.

I should add, I actually have insane luck on the radio. Any time I call I win. To the point that it's become a running joke among friends of my friends. They want to win tickets to a given concert or something and then my friends will tell them, "George is trying to win tickets to that too!" Their friends will then say, "Damnit! I'll just go buy some tickets then, cause he's going to win them all." Which is amusing, but true. I'll dial for my friends, listen to the ring and then hand them the phone and they'll end up being the winning caller.


So yeah if you want me to win tickets for something for you I actually wouldn't mind doing so and probably would win. I should probably play the state lottery or go to Vegas. Like I said, if you're interested give a shout below. No charge for the tickets, since I won't use them anyway. (They'll go to whoever calls dibs first. Fairness and all.)

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