Leanne Lin's Wonderland is having a second show with Supahcute Kaiju show. It's an art gallery in LA, which normally would mean that I don't get to see it, but like a lot of studios in the 21st century, they post the artwork online as well. That way people like me can gasp in amazement and those with the ability to buy a piece of art can do so as well. (Probably the latter, really.) Here are a few of my favorites:

Sparq The Dragon by Flat Bonnie

Ramen Kaiju by Genevieve Santos


A Hero's List by Kristen Hapa Lau

Kaiju Kitties by 100% Soft

Even more at the show page: Supahcute Kaiju 2 And who knows, maybe a few (Kaiju Kitties will) will also have open prints too.