It’s been two years since Colbert Superb Owl week and I’ve heard there’s another bowl happening today so I ask you, the Observationdeck, what is your favorite owl?

Is it the always entertaining Burrowing Owl that lives underground and (I imagine) is a good friend of the Prairie Dog?


Perhaps the Barking Owl reminds you of your puppy with it’s bark/hoot and gains your support.

The Northern Spotted Owl is so beloved (aside from loggers) it has Federal Protection


And of course there’s the Great Horned Owl who I did not realize until creating this post will actually make a nest in a Cactus!

If I had the inclination I’d make a owl or raptor Madness bracket and poll following the popularity of the catdog posts but ain’t no-one got time for that! Fill the comments of pictures of your favorite owls and owl-moments to start the 2016 February Superb Owl Bowl!