So yesterday I told you guys how my parents would give me GTA V if I got a 10 for a test today and you guys gave me some great advice on learning (which has helped me get a good grade and will help me with tests in the future as well). I'd like to thank you all very dearly.

But sadly I didn't get a 10. It hasn't been marked yet, but I already know 2 mistakes I made (even though they are just really small mistakes). So today after school I decided to buy GTA V with the money I had left for doing stuff with my girlfriend and food.

I went to the last store in town where they might still have it and and walked up to the information desk. I asked if they had GTA V and the woman there said they might have a few for the Play Staion on the 3rd floor. I proceeded towards the escalator and when I got there I noticed a boy who walked in right after me was in a big hurry to get upstairs before me.

Then, when we were on the next floor and he got on the next escalator I got suspicious. A tiny war broke out between us where we were trying to get upstairs first without looking weird. We got upstairs and I rushed to get my bearings, I was the first to see the sign saying Playstation and started walking there. He followed me and suddenly I started running. I got from one end of the floor to the other in under 3 seconds (and that was almost the distance of the 100 metres we did in school). I dived towards the sign saying Grand Theft Auto and saw that there were over 20 copies left. We both picked up a copy and started laughing and talking about Grand Theft Auto.


Now, I'm a proud owner of Grand Theft Auto 5.


Edit: This game is awesome. It's been a long time since I bought a game on release day (two days after counts) and this game is really good.