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FLASH AHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I don’t usually do reaction threads for this show, but I don’t see anyone doing them and I think this is an episode people might want to comment on. So come react. Spoilers will abound.

So let’s get this mother going!

EDIT: To add Cool Breeze’s analysis of the episode. What? It’s been on the front page of the ODeck for hours? It doesn’t make sense that I publish it now here? I don’t care. It’s the Flash. It’s Supergirl. It doesn't have to make sense! Speedforce! Science! Etcetera!


Microanalysis now

  • This episode was the best. Flash makes everything better.
  • OK, not the BEST. Supergirl has had a couple of freaking good episodes now. The red-kryptonite one being great. But you know what I mean. The love making this episode was palpable on everyone’s faces.
  • The logic leaps were gigantic. Fortunately Barry can now jump cliffs. So I don’t care. Speed force, bitches!
  • Kat had the best lines of the night. Too many to write in here.
  • So Livewire is a fan of Juggalos I assume. This also explains Banshee’s outfit better than the canon. So rock-on, 80's rejects!
  • ICE-CREAM everyone SCREAMS. Yup.
  • As others have pointed out, Barry as a confident man is so much better than whiny ass Barry.
  • I am sad they didn’t use the take where Supergirl hurts Flash’s hand when they shake on it.
  • The banter was the best! So many quoteables tonight.
  • Melissa can ACT! Her happy-sad face was the best.
  • YES EVERYONE IS THE BEST! Participation ribbons for everyone.

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