Supergirl is back with a pretty solid episode! When Winn’s dad break’s out of jail we get a very Winn focused episode that actually was mostly good for his character? Spoilers below! Feel free to post your reviews or thoughts.

The episode starts out surprising me by giving us some J’onn in his Martian form flying around with Kara. I honestly didn’t expect to see much of him in that form for budget reasons but whatevs! After that Kara gives him very on the nose speech about coming out and being yourself, though about powers. Which I think would work better if you actually had queer character in the show and not just tons of subtext but okay.

We get Lucy’s “job” interview with Cat which was very heavy with the subtext. I am looking forward to Lucy working there and hopefully getting on Team Supergirl but honestly couldn’t care about her and Jimmy’s relationship subplot this episode.


The main plot! Toyman breaks out of prison and has his sights set on reuniting with his son Winn who he sees as “Just like him” which Winn also worries about. There is a nice little nod to the animated series with Toyman’s dolls looking pretty similar to the mask in the show. I thought Winn’s drama of worrying he will be like his father worked really well (even though I am still rooting for him to get scarred and putting on a Toyman mask) and made me interested in his character for once. He of course kisses Kara and confesses his love for her which ruins things a little bit but it gives me hope that we can finally move on from one of the things that drags this show down.

Toyman wants Winn to kill the former boss that stole Toyman’s designs and set him on his evil path. To do so he comes up with a pretty terrible plan that seems like it will get Winn arrested immediately. He gives Winn a toy gun that no one would think is real, for Winn to walk up on stage and shoot the boss in the face with. And presumably be immediately tackled/shot by security. He is actually almost shot by a very trigger happy FBI who apparently decide unloading a few clips of machine gun fire into Winn is the best way to defuse the situation. Of course Supergirl flies down at last minute to block the bullets. Unfortunately Toyman has bombs planted at the Toy Con they are at and detonates the bomb. Supergirl’s plan to save everyone unfortunately is only slightly less dumb then Flash’s “If we throw one bomb in a portal all the others will follow cause magnets?”. She sets off the sprinklers and then uses her breath to freeze the water around the area with the bombs. This just creates millions of razor sharp high speed ice projectiles when the bombs explode but I guess all the people rolled a natural 20 on their dodge cause they don’t all die.

The B plot for the episode is J’onn and Alex investigating Lex Luthor Maxwell Lord and finding out whats going on with this new 52 room. J’onn is reluctant to use his powers for reasons I honeslty did not catch 100%. Alex convinces him though to sneak in to the company while she wines and dines Lord to distract him. J’onn goes in as Lord himself setting up a pretty great scene between him and some employee of Lord’s. I was a little hopeful she will turn out to be his Mercy but she didn’t seem as awesomely stoic so far so we will see. J’onn gets


discovered by a guard and I guess his telepathy is a lot less powerful in this cause he gets figured out as a fake because he can’t answer a question. This leads to J’onn mindwiping the guard and he can’t seem to selectively mindwipe as we find out later the guy can’t even remember his wife or kid. To make matters worse Lord finds out they have someone who can shapeshift.


The episode ends with a bonding experience with the Danvers sisters getting cozy on the couch with what looks like a cold pizza and some Game of Thrones, but we find out that Lord outwitted Alex and planted an obvious bug of a camera on her purse which fortunately for him is pointed exactly towards the couch where the sisters are sitting

Other thoughts:

Emma Caulfield! I forgot she was in this as the lead FBI agent! Her role was okay in this, looking forward to seeing more of her in future hopefully to expand her character more.