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Despite a holiday weekend and an aggressive marketing campaign, begrudgingly well reviewed superhero movie Deadpool failed to draw in audiences sick of being forced to go to exciting looking superhero movies a handful of times each year. It is no surprise that only a scant five months after the last major superhero movie, people were unable to process the existence of a new superhero movie, much less an R-rated one. Here is a breakdown of the box office debacle:


As stated in this review, despite being a well-crafted and entertaining movie, This only served to highlight the fact that the public is sick and tired of superhero movies.

Wait, sorry, maybe it was this one:


No, I’m confused, I’m suffering from Superhero Review Fatigue, it’s this one:


I think. Anyway, the R-rated superhero film was always destined to fail, as more mature superhero fare is just not an easy sell, looking at the reception of MCU properties Daredevil and Jessica Jones as evidence. Having box office wet noodle Ryan Reynolds as your lead did not help an entertaining movie(I guess, but superheroes are still really over done!) that could not escape the genre and R-rated trap it was caught in.

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