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Inspired by this post today, I was immediately infuriated at how low some films were ranked. I then realized that the list kept going... and going and going. Overall I think it’s pretty good and I realize some of the more recent films that I’ve seen may not age that well, but I know that it left some classics off the list entirely.


An exhaustive list would be impossible, but I thought it would be fun to hear your opinions on what I think should be on there as well as what movies you thought were left off that shouldn’t have been. Without further ado, these are a handful that went unranked:

  • The Riddick Series - They did include some antihero movies and I know the universe they’re in is weird, but not too different from the outside of earth in GotG/Thor/etc.
  • Big Hero 6 - I didn’t see any animated films on there so I get it, but I love this movie, unashamedly. (It’s also a great, fun alternative to your S/O that wants to watch Frozen **shudder**)
  • TMNT - they left off a lot of kids stuff, but I was obsessed with TMNT as a kid and loved the cartoons, live action, and the video game (for Genesis)

Now tell me I’m wrong, stupid, reactionary, or just bad at reading and these are actually on the list. I’ve got thick skin, I can handle it.

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