Thor, Loki, Iron Man, Daredevil (and Elektra), The Flash and Nyssa al Ghul all respond to the Ice bucket challenge.

Iron Man challenges Thor:…

Hiddles shows that he knows how to do fanservice. It involves rain and slow-mo:


Your move, Cumberbatch.

On the DC side of the multiverse Batman gets a little help from his wife:…

And The Flash gets a little help from his friends:

And Nyssa al Ghul is not to be upstaged:…

And the Evil Queen does it in style:

Phew! Embedding different media from different services is kind of a crapshoot. Edit: okay sow hen I'm editing the post, the facebook stuff looks embedded and when I post it just looks like links. Is this because some of the rich media embedding is disabled?


That's it for now. Response vids tomorrow (or in the comments)