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SuperMabel Saves Sportsman from Slippery Scoundrel

With aid from New York’s “Spider-Man”, Edmonton’s own six-year old heroine SuperMabel saved Oiler’s team captain from the nefarious Mysterio.


After a formal request from the mayor, the Spider duo went to the Edmonton Police to receive information about the kidnapper Mysterio. The trail led them to the West Edmonton Mall, where there was a daring zip line across the water park, and then a break for lunch, followed by an investigatory trip to the zoo.

After incapacitating Mysterio with her SpiderSillyString, SpiderMabel was able to free the hockey player from his confinement and return him to his teammates. As thanks, the team is offering SpiderMabel the chance to drop the puck at a future game.

(Okay now I’ll link to all the good stuff and videos- take a look! It’s so freaking cute!)


Global News


Look! She has a theme song!

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