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Superman/Batman Fan Posters

Unfortunately, I cannot find a poster for the movie that admits Wondie will be in it—is this a predictor of how little she will be in it, or a descriptor of how little excitement she's garnered. This picture by Jeffach is...well, it's a start. I'd have made the pose more aggressive, more regal, or both. Right now she's just standing still in a position no one uses (yes, you may now try it on).

Now, let's look at movie doubleteam posters by fans:

Here's a yin/yang formation by Matt Ferguson:


I like the feeling of sharks circling in the water it gives, fins and all.

2. Superdude001instead goes for opposites, and gives Superman prime position heads up, and brighter like the sun to Batman's veil of night:

3. sahinduezguen unites them instead, and has bright and dark chaos swirl around them:


4. Superman loves Aspen combines two iconic images, leaving Batman represented by his town and his logo, and Superman in flight, upward.


And now, just to remind us that she still exists, here's a suggestion for a new name by LucasetaK J:


Have you seen any you really like?

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