Hello everyone.

My post asking for suggestions didn't really get any suggestions. So I decided to choose a comic to review myself. I wanted to go with Ehmm Theory, but my local comic store didn't have it so I decided to go with Superman Unchained instead.

Of the comics I picked up this week I'd have to say Superman Unchained and Batman #21 were the best. Though I must say, I only bought Marvel and DC this week. And I find this a little disappointing because I kind of prefer other types of comics than your everyday X-Men or Superman. Even though they generally remain stunning every week.

This brings me to Superman Unchained.

The first thing you notice is that the artwork is stunning. It's just so detailed and colourful, A+ to that.


Secondly the story, I won't say too much in order to keep this spoiler free. But the issue perfectly sets up for the rest of the story. It starts off with a cheesy is it a bird, is it a plane joke. Then goes to Superman saving the world from satellites hurling to the earth, and you're faced with an awful pull-out poster in which some of the text is blocked out by the amazing design. After that though you see Lex Luthor, you find out one of the satellites Superman let fall on a military base fell in to the sea, then…

All in all Superman Unchained sets up perfectly for the next few issues, but we only have to wait and see how it turns out. 8/10 because the artwork is stunning and it has a great idea, but we can't tell what it will be yet.


So those were my two favourites from this week (theres also Astro City but that doesn't count because it came out last week).

Next week I'll be reviewing X-Men Legacy, plus anything else that turns out to be good and any recommendations you guys have.


What were your favourites this week and what are you looking forward to next week?