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Superman's New look has been Revealed

Superman's new 52 look got a very mixed reaction when it was first revealed in 2011. Some liking the new design, others hating it and others wondering why Superman would need armour.

However, Superman is getting a new redesign, debuting in Superman #39 by Geoff Johns and John Romita, Jr as shown by a variant art from that issue:


For a comparison, here is the old New 52 look:

Though not the major redesign or the pre-52 design people wanted, there are some changes:

  • The costume looks less armoured then its old new-52 design.
  • The neck has been redesigned and now has a higher neckline.
  • The new cape now tuck into the seam rather then the chest.
  • He now wears fingerless gloves (something I do actually like).
  • Superman's belt is now remodeled and now includes some yellow in the centre.
  • The Boots now look more like the classic look.



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