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I had some worries about the ending of last week's episode, and what it could mean for canon. But after a 2/3 enjoyable episode, I feel okay. Spoilers for Things We Left Behind follow.

When Hannah went back to heaven and Castiel googled Jimmy Novak, I was paranoid that they were going to reveal that he was still alive in there. But thankfully he's been dead since the end of S4. Which sounds kinda sick, maybe, but him living through/beside/inside what's happened to Cas since then sounds worse than going off to the Elysian fields.


I wonder how the anti-Dean/Cas people who claimed any sex between them (ever) was rape because Jimmy was a non-consenting participant took it.

And as a bonus, the scene where Sam and Dean say they loved their father and he did his best, well...I'm a well-established complicated!John fan wending her way through a fandom whose majority seem to think he was a drunken abusive hateful bastard.

I'm still in the minority, I'm sure, but I side with the boys—just because it wasn't a good childhood doesn't mean he didn't love them and that he wasn't trying his best to balance grief and protecting the family he had left.


As for the rest of the episode, I liked the Claire parts, but was bored by the B plot. It didn't feel like anything happened, but I'll examine on rewatch.

Normally I dislike the "Oh, the hero is fucked! <cut away> <cut back> The hero has vanquished them all" gimmick, but I do understand that seeing Dean kill Randy would be a lot.


Unless the bad bad guys killed him and Dean only killed them...but I don't think that's how it played out. And although I was initially relieved it was "just" a dream for most of the episode, I welcome the complexity of it being reality.

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